How does it work?

To send an errand, simply log in to your GrandhubX App account, select the Errand Assistant option, and follow the prompts provided by the app.
  • Choose Store/PickUp Location

    Select a pickup location and provide the contact name for the pickup.

  • Add Item Details

    Add the items you want to have picked up.

  • Choose Delivery Location

    Enter your delivery location accurately to ensure timely item delivery.

  • Choose Payment Method

    Select the payment method

Why us?

To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Fast Delivery

    Our drivers are vetted, experienced, and professional for your items' safe delivery.

  • Real time location

    You can track the location of the errand assistant in real-time.

  • Multiple Payment

    Select from a variety of payment options, including bank cards and in-app wallets.

  • Saved Location

    Choose saved locations from your list, no need to retype.

  • App Wallet Payment

    Pay conveniently with our in-app wallet for a cashless experience.

  • Delivery Confirmation

    After delivery, you'll receive a one-time code for confirmation. Agents can also upload photos for validation.

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  • Vetted providers
  • Focus on what matters
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