How Does it Work?

The platform connects independent service providers (ride share drivers, food delivery agents, etc), restaurants or businesses with end users needing these services.  As a GEO location system, users can only be matched with services/drivers within a defined proximity, usually within 20 or 25km range.

As an indepenent service provider, you set your own schedule. When available to provide services, user would send booking requests (ride share, food ordering, etc)and the request would come to your GHX Service App.
When you receive the job request notification, you have few seconds to accept or decline the job request.
Please do not accept the job request if you don’t intend to fulfil the request. 


  • SIGN UP OR LOGIN Use your email address, phone number, or social media accounts.
  • EXPLORE ACCOUNTS Get familiar with your Service app. Explore your profile and app features. Review your personal details, ensure payment and contact details are correct.
  • TRACK EARNINGS Track your earnings, check your completed, pending and ongoing bookings and review other reports available from your account.
  • REVIEWS AND FEEDBACK We enable a trust system. Our platform has a 2 way feedback system. At completion of service, the user and provider would review each other.

Register to Become a Service Provider

As a service provider, there are many ways to earn with one single app. You can be a ride share driver, deliver food & grocery. You can  provider  services such as janitors, snow removal, spa operator, errand services, etc.

Trip earnings are automatically credited to your app wallet, where you can transfer your earnings to your bank account. 

Ride share drivers & service providers: download the GHX Service App (Play and App Stores).
Users: download the GrandhubX app (Play and App Stores) or book services from the web: www.grandhubx.ca.

Your Privacy is Ensured.

Our privacy policy is in accordance with the Canada Privacy Protection Act (CPPA).  Please read our privacy policy to fully understand the data the platform collects from you and how it uses the data. Collected data such as your name, email, phone number, geo location are used by the platform to provide better services to you. We don’t share your data with any third-party platform for either commercialization or ad targeting.

You must give consent to the policy before you can provide services, otherwise please exit the platform. Usage of our platforms and apps, assumes automatic consent. 

The system is equipped with modern tech features to ensure your privacy and safety while using the platform. For example; driver and rider can do in app video or voice calls for verifications and communications without exposing each other's phone numbers.

Safety On the Roads

As an independent service provider, safety is ultimately an individual responsibility.  Moreover, with our commercial insurance coverage, we ensure you are covered from accidents and other mishaps that could happen while you are actively providing services with the GHX service app.
  • Road Worthy Vehicles

    For your protection and that of your clients, vehicle inspection certificate from a registered garage would be a proof of your vehicle road worthiness. Service vehicles won't be more than 10yrs old.

  • Know the Law

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. As an independent service provider, you are expected to know and abide by the Law of the land that governs the service/s you are providing.

  • Support & Growth

    We are partners. We would support each other and grow together.

Get the GHX Service App

For drivers & service providers: download the GHX Service App (Play and App Stores)
For users: download the GrandhubX app (Play and App Stores) or book services from the web: www.grandhubx.ca

  • Real-time tracking
  • Pocket-friendly services
  • Insured rides
  • Easy bookings
  • In app payment
  • Driver and veh recognition
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