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Refund Policy

For our ride-share services, please note that refunds are not available once the service has begun and has been completed. Typically, your card is not charged until the ride concludes. Therefore, if a driver does not show up or if you are unable to secure a ride, your payment card will not be charged.

However, should you be delayed in reaching the driver after their arrival, a penalty fee will be incurred for each minute of delay.

Delivery Service and Refund Policy

For delivery services, both the driver and the store collaborate to ensure that the items delivered match your order. In the event of any discrepancies, we are open to issuing a refund, which is typically processed by crediting your in-app wallet.

Please be aware that if you cancel a delivery after it has been booked or after the store has confirmed your order, a cancellation fee will be applied.

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Help Centre Email: support@grandhubx.ca

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